2019 - 2022 NERF Planning Committee

1. Brother Sputty Cephas, Refuge Temple COG (Conference Chair)
2.  Dr. Betty Sewell, Master Our Savior COG, Gibbsboro, NJ (Spiritual Life Chair)

3.  Bishop Willie L. James, Jr., COG Philadelphia, PA (Education Chair)

  • Ministers Gabriel & Monica Butler Refuge Temple COG, Cambridge, MD (Youth Coordinators)
  • Bishop Percy Jones,  Refuge Temple COG (Evangelism Coordinator)
  • Rev. Jacqueline Myles, Gates of Praise COG, Pennsauken, NJ (Hospitality Coordinator)
  • Sis. Esther Roberts, Clarence Street COG, Seaford, DE (Scholarship Coordinator)

4.  Evang. Shirley Kendeall, Catherdral of Praise, Pittsburg, PA (Music Chair); Deacon Solomon Cobbs, Freehold COG, Freehold, NJ (Assistant Music Chair)

5.  Pastor Jessie Moyer, Kent Island COG (Sergeant-at-Arms for Security & Ushers)

  • Pastor Clifford Mundell, Gates of Praise COG, Pennsauken, NJ (Usher Coordinator)
  • Sister Sharon Heron-Dixon, Holy Trinity COG, Reading, PA (Usher Co-Coordinator)
  • Deacon Lee McCloud III, Restoration COG, Rochester, NY (Security Coordinator)

6.  Bro. Sputty Cephas, Refuge Temple COG, Cambridge, MD (Pubic Relations Chair)

7.  Lady Tanya McCray, Norristown COG, Norristown, PA (Ladies Ministries Chair)

8.  Bishop Lee McCloud Jr., Restoration COG, Rochester, NY (Bylaw Chair)

9.  Deacon Edward Cornish, Refuge Temple COG (Registration Coordinator)

10. Pastor Debrah Moyer, Kent Island COG (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer-Finance)

11. Bro. Mike Williams, Norristown COG, Norristown, PA (Sound-Trilogy Entertainment)